PPML Certification

News: Nine companies successfully complete PPML Certification, validating their ability to produce and consume high-quality interoperable PPML files. More than 30 unique combinations of certified PPML producer and consumer will now work together. PPML is the interoperability standard for variable data print production.

PPML Certified Producer products
PPML Certified Consumer products

What PPML Certification means to you

PPML certification testing provides independent verification of compliance with the PPML/GA standard. PPML certified producers confirm output from their products is compatible with certified PPML certified consumer devices. It boosts PPML performance by ensuring end-to-end workflow interoperability.

"For PPML to deliver the expected performance gains, producing and consuming devices must implement it correctly. PPML Certification was developed as a test methodology to ensure companies' products fully comply with the documented standard," said James Mekis, PODi Director of Technology. "Users gain the security of knowing that interoperability has been tested, and their PPML workflow will perform as expected today, and in the future."

PPML gives print service providers (PSPs) more flexibility in assembling workflow to support their customers, unlike other proprietary print stream formats that may limit them to specific vendors. Within the framework of this open standard, PSPs can select best-in-class components with assurance of compatibility across the configuration.

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