PDF/VT is an international standard (ISO 16612-2), a file format designed for the exchange and production of Variable Data Print (VDP) jobs. PDF/VT satisfies the requirements of job portability, page independence and device neutrality. Built on PDF/X-4, it brings all the well-known benefits of PDF workflow to the world of personalized print, including: portability (blind exchange), previewing, review and approval, enforced color management, preflight, live transparency, and color fidelity.

In addition, PDF/VT addresses special challenges in the management of print runs with thousands of unique pages, each of which must be uniquely imposed, tracked and finished. It enables digital printers to employ a single common workflow for all job types, both VDP and short-run POD. It opens up new opportunities in digital printing by decoupling the complexities of VDP job authoring from the particular methods of print production. By simplifying and streamlining the process, PDF/VT will yield benefits for all stakeholders: enterprises, marketers, designers and print professionals.

PDF/VT has been publicly endorsed by leading hardware and software vendors offering personalized print and cross-media solutions. Its merits were recognized by the Printing Industries of American (PIA), which honored the format with a InterTech Technology Award. Although not yet widely deployed (2011), industry trendsetters (marketers, agencies, print buyers, enterprises, print operations) have a window of opportunity to explore the potential of PDF/VT for a new generation of Transpromo and marketing programs.