PDF/VT Benefits

PDF/VT brings all the benefits of PDF workflow to the world of VDP.

  • PDF/VT is portable. It provides a reliable container for blind exchange of final-form, graphically rich, variable content.
  • PDF/VT takes full advantage of the PDF imaging model for printing graphically rich personalized communication (e.g. variable transparency effects).
  • PDF/VT enables caching for recurring elements in VDP jobs.
  • PDF/VT can be preflighted with standard off-the-shelf tools.
  • PDF/VT enables reliable proofing, and distributed review/approval workflows prior to printing, using the readily available PDF viewing software, such as the free Adobe Reader.
  • PDF/VT enables predictable color for VDP jobs, based on modern ICC-based color management.
  • PDF/VT provides a robust metadata infrastructure to enable job-ticket-driven controls for VDP print production (e.g. filtering, tray pulls, rules-based imposition, audit trail, barcoding, checkpoint re-start).
  • PDF/VT is device-independent and object-oriented, and enables VDP jobs to be dynamically repurposed, refactored, or retargeted to different presses.
  • PDF/VT is ideal for "white paper workflows" which eliminate waste along with the need for inventory management. "Onserts" replace inserts, and preprinted shells (e.g. backgrounds) give way to full-color, single-pass page production.
  • PDF/VT is an ISO industry standard, built on PDF/X.